Engendering a Performance Mindset

ABCB Volunteer Subject Matter Expert Network (for Architects and Building Designers)

In late 2016, the ABCB embarked on a journey to engender a performance mindset and raise awareness of performance-based solutions to meet the NCC Performance Requirements across Australia’s architecture and building design sectors. This is part of the broader strategy for increasing the use of performance as part of the regulatory reform package introduced by the Building Ministers' Forum in 2014.

One of the strategy’s aims is increasing the knowledge and awareness of existing practitioners about the benefits and processes of performance-based design practices. Architects and building designers are one of the ABCB’s primary stakeholder group that are able to influence and lead change in mindset about performance-based design and therefore the ABCB has been working with this sector. 

What we’ve found so far

Australia’s architecture and building design sectors have been involved at different stages of this journey, providing valuable feedback and insights into the challenges and opportunities affecting the application of Performance Solutions.

Feedback is demonstrating the sector’s willingness to engage and share information and the desire to support the industry which has led to the development of educational and other supporting material. To strengthen this culture of information and knowledge sharing further, the ABCB is piloting a network of volunteer Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to assist in applying performance-based design.  As part of this pilot, architects and building designers can submit enquiries to the SMEs about best practice application of Performance Solutions.