In 2013, an independent report highlighted that 70% of the $1.1billion per annum productivity gains delivered by ABCB reforms were derived from the current performance based code. The report also identified that future gains are possible if there is an increased use of Performance Solutions. The ABCB’s strategy to do this is three-fold. Firstly, the ABCB is communicating what a performance based code is. This is to help engender a performance mindset. Secondly, the ABCB is looking to provide supporting materials about how to use a performance based code, including developing Performance Solutions. This is to build the capacity of practitioners. Finally, the ABCB is developing changes to the NCC to provide more performance-based compliance options. This is done by quantifying the NCC’s Performance Requirements and developing new Verification Methods.

Engendering a Performance Mindset

The focus of this initiative is on communicating what a performance based code is and emphasising the compliance choices available to practitioners. Initially, the ABCB will work with the architecture and building design industry to raise awareness about how performance-based designs can be introduced into the building and construction process.

Capacity Building

The ABCB is committed to improving the capacity of industry to properly utilise the performance based code. This will be achieved through the continued development of contemporary educational and other supporting materials that will assist appropriately skilled practitioners to develop and deliver Performance Solutions. Access our current range of materials from the Resource Library.

Quantification (including Verification Methods)

Unquantified, qualitative Performance Requirements have always been recognised as a barrier to the increased the use of Performance Solutions. This priority area consists of quantifying all of the NCC’s Performance Requirements and/or developing quantified Verification Methods to improve productivity and building outcomes.

Role of Fire Authorities in Building Approval Processes

State and Territory building approval processes typically include a role for fire authorities in the assessment of certain Performance Solutions. However, the scope and the procedures involved in fulfilling this role differ between respective governments.

The ABCB is working with the Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authorities Council to develop a nationally consistent and streamlined framework for fire authorities to assess Performance Solutions.

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