Accessible Housing

The ABCB has commenced a new project to examine whether a minimum accessibility standard for housing should be included in the NCC.

Accessible Housing Options paper

In August this year, the Building Ministers’ Forum agreed that the ABCB will develop an Options Paper on accessible housing possibly being regulated through the NCC. Accessible housing is any housing that includes features to enable use by people either with a disability or through their life stages. The Accessible Housing Options Paper, to be released in September, will seek broader community and industry input and refine the details of the objectives, options and terminology that will be considered in a formal Regulatory Impact Statement, expected to begin in the first quarter of 2019.

National Consultation Forums

The ABCB will be holding a consultation forum in each capital city. These forums, to be held in late October, will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to have their say on accessible housing in-person, and have questions answered directly by representatives of the ABCB. These forums will be free to attend, although booking is essential.
Dates, venues and booking details will be released soon. Register your interest by emailing