Life safety remains the key focus of the ABCB's work, which is reflected in the 2016-17 Business Plan (which is still subject to final Building Ministers' Forum approval). The Plan contains detail on the Board’s role in addressing fire safety in high rise buildings and the related issue of non-compliant building products. This will be further complemented by the holistic review of fire safety measures, initially for Class 2 and 3 buildings. The quantification of the NCC's Performance Requirements and ongoing improvements to the NCC’s useability are also being addressed and will contribute to a robust and contemporary code.

In addition, with a significant regulatory reform agenda and associated work program, education and training is critical. The ABCB has developed a number of education materials, including YouTube Clips, which are aimed at assisting practitioners in understanding and applying the NCC.

Information on a number of current work program initiatives is provided below. The full-itemised work program is contained in the 2016-17 Business Plan.