Final Regulation Impact Statements

A Final Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) incorporates comments and feedback from submissions received on the Consultation RIS, and is assessed by the Office of Best Practice Regulation to confirm compliance with the COAG requirements of best practice regulation. A Final RIS is only available after the decision makers have made a determination on the matter, as it reflects the outcome of the process.  

Final RIS' are listed below.

Archived ABCB Final RIS' are also available for download from the Resource Library.

Emergency Egress for People with Disability

The following documents are available:

Emergency Egress for Occupants with a Disability, Final Decision RIS

Considers a further five proposals that were developed with assistance of the Emergency Egress Forum. Read More

ORR Partners Detection Systems with DDA measures for the hearing impaired

Considers the design changes necessary for additional facilities to provide occupant warning for the deaf and hearing impaired. Read More

RLB Report on the Cost Implications for proposals to amend DTS Provisions

Provides commentary on the cost implications of a range of proposed DTS provisions emanating from the Emergency Egress for all Occupants Project. Read More