Other Consultation

The ABCB currently has the following consultation documents open for comment:

Improving NCC Readability

Improving NCC readability is part of the broader NCC Useability initiative. Its goal is to ensure that the NCC requirements are more easily understood, no matter who you are, or how often you use it.

The first major step to improved NCC readability is a consistent set of Governing Requirements. This includes aligning Section A of Volumes One and Three and Section 1 of Volume Two of the NCC. This ‘single set of requirements’ includes mandatory instructions on how the NCC works and complying with the NCC.

Prior to the formal NCC 2019 Public Comment Draft process, the ABCB seeks your feedback on the proposed Governing Requirements. Specifically, if they are easier to read and understand compared to the existing requirements and what you most like and dislike about them.

Providing Feedback

Feedback on the proposed Governing Requirements closed on 3 September 2017.