National Construction Code

Dedicated to all things building and plumbing, this is where you find information on matters directly relevant to the NCC. Separate icons representing building and plumbing allow the ability to find articles of most interest.

Read about CSIRO's pilot project to digitise part of the NCC as part of testing regulation in the construction industry.
Find out how to use a NABERS Energy Commitment Agreement as part of an NCC Performance Solution.
Increase your understanding of the classification of buildings on farms and whether you can still classify a shed on a farm as Class 10a.
The ABCB will be releasing a draft set of simplified, self-contained technical solutions for compliance with the PCA in February next year.
The BCC/PCC has agreed to documents suitable for referencing in the DTS Provisions of NCC 2019.
Do you know which doors are required by the BCA to swing in the direction of egress?
Find out what significant improvements are anticipated from the commercial building energy efficiency changes proposed for NCC 2019.
Acceptable Construction Practice - a compliance method revised for NCC 2016, Volume Two.