Please be advised, the ABCB is currently not taking any applications for the Student Research Scholarship Program until further notice.

The ABCB runs the Student Research Scholarship Program to encourage undergraduate and postgraduate research in the field of building regulatory reform in Australia, which can contribute to the ABCB fulfilling its charter.

What is the Research Program?

The aim of the research program is to contribute to a series of research fields that would support the ongoing development and review of the NCC. Research areas identified as priorities by the ABCB Office include sustainability, health and amenity, fire resistance, and structure.


Value:up to $5000 one off payment
Duration: 12 months

In addition, there is the opportunity to submit your own article to be published in the ABRB Online, upon completion and submission of the research project, and the possibility for invitation to present your research at one of the ABCB Conferences.


To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must be students currently undertaking: 

  • undergraduate or postgraduate studies in Building, Building Surveying, Fire Engineering, Architecture, Construction, Plumbing, Hydraulic Design or similar at an Australian educational institution; and
  • research that forms a component of a program or course at an educational institution (e.g. tertiary), such as a research project, thesis or dissertation.

The scholarship has no residency/citizenship requirements and applicants may be studying full-time, part-time or via correspondence.

For more information on the Student Research Scholarship Program, please submit an enquiry using the online enquiry form.

Completed Studies

Selected completed studies are available for review.