Frequently Asked Questions

Once you’ve submitted an online complaint form about a suspected non-conforming building product it will be forwarded to the relevant state and territory regulator, for consideration and response. All complaints are kept confidential.

Please note, the ABCB is not responsible for actioning complaints or queries related to this webpage and any issues relating to NCBPs. Should you have any enquiries relating to NCBPs or the form, please contact your applicable jurisdiction and lodge your queries there.

As part of the Regulatory Reform package, each of the State and Territory governments, in conjunction with the Commonwealth, increased their funding to the ABCB to enable free digital access, this commenced as of NCC 2015.

This is the process established in the NCC to demonstrate that a product or material is fit for purpose to comply with the requirements of the NCC.

NCP is an acronym for “non-compliant product”. A non-compliant product or material is not ‘fit for purpose’. It is used in situations that do not comply with the requirements of the NCC.

NCBP is an acronym for “non-conforming building product”. A non-conforming building product or material claims to be something it is not and is marketed or supplied with the intent to deceive those intending to use it.

Please refer to NCBP for further information.