Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. From 1 May 2015, all registered users have access to digital copies of past NCC, BCA and PCA editions.

All text and diagrams in the ABCB Content are copyright protected as per the Copyright Statement. Specifically, the ABCB allows for personal use of the ABCB Content, which includes printing the ABCB Content in part or in its entirety. For any other reproduction or duplication purposes, namely commercial, educational or informative purposes please submit an enquiry using the online enquiry form.

As part of the Regulatory Reform package, each of the State and Territory governments, in conjunction with the Commonwealth, increased their funding to the ABCB to enable free digital access, this commenced as of NCC 2015.

As of NCC 2015 the ABCB's free NCC 'digital' service includes online access and a printable PDF download, which allows individuals to print all or part of the NCC volumes as required.  

The Manual for the WaterMark Certification Scheme includes the Rules for the Scheme and the Approved Certifier and Approved User Agreements, as approved by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. It also includes the Protocol for the Assessment of Risks of Plumbing Products and the Protocol for Developing Product Specifications.

No. The improved Scheme is a single level scheme. All new products will need to meet the certification requirements of the improved Scheme. All products previously certified to WaterMark Level 1 or 2 will need to transition to the improved single level Scheme when their existing certification approaches expiry.

Existing products that have not had their status in the improved Scheme confirmed will not be required to transition to the improved single level Scheme until their inclusion in the Scheme is confirmed. Refer to products marked with an # on the WaterMark Schedule of Products for products awaiting confirmation.