Frequently Asked Questions

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All delegates will be emailed an Attendance Certificate. Certificates should be submitted to the Administrator of your CPD Scheme, who will determine how many points the Seminar was worth.

Yes. However, if the product is listed in the WaterMark Schedule of products but has not been WaterMark certified, it is not authorised for use in a plumbing and drainage installation and may not be accepted by the State or Territory Authority having jurisdiction. In addition, a licensed plumber is not permitted to install these products.

No. Once you have submitted a NCBP Query/Suspected NCBP form it is automatically sent to the relevant State or Territory jurisdiction for consideration and response. If you wish to update your personal details you will need to contact the relevant State or Territory jurisdictional contact to discuss.

Please note: the ABCB is not responsible for actioning queries/reports related to this webpage and any issues relating to NCBPs.

A Certificate of Conformity is one of several options available for meeting the ‘Evidence of Suitability’ requirements of the BCA.

However, unlike other ‘Evidence of Suitability’ options, Certificates of Conformity receive mandatory acceptance under State and Territory building control legislation. This requires building control authorities to accept CodeMark Certificates of Conformity as evidence of compliance with the claimed provisions of the BCA, as long as the product is used as specified on the certificate.

No. The improved Scheme is a single level scheme. All new products will need to meet the certification requirements of the improved Scheme. All products previously certified to WaterMark Level 1 or 2 will need to transition to the improved single level Scheme when their existing certification approaches expiry.

Existing products that have not had their status in the improved Scheme confirmed will not be required to transition to the improved single level Scheme until their inclusion in the Scheme is confirmed. Refer to products marked with an # on the WaterMark Schedule of Products for products awaiting confirmation.